Tips & Tricks

Using Git submodules to manage dependencies

Git submodules can be useful to keep track of a projects dependencies. For example, consider your project requires a library from GitHub that comes with a Craftr build script:

git submodule add vendor/mycompany/somelibrary

If the module provides a nodepy.json, you could use the package manager to link the module into the build system.

nodepy-pm install -e vendor/mycompany/somelibrary

If the project however only contains a build.craftr script, you can use the craftr --link command, which essentially does the same and derives the module name from the project name defined in the build script.

craftr --link vendor/mycompany/somelibrary

The cleanest way however would be to use the link_module statement provided by the Craftr DSL. It basically does the same as the craftr --link command, but it will do the linking step in a temporary directory every time that you configure the build. Also, if multiple modules try to link other modules with the same name, the order matters and the first one to link a module takes precedence.

project "myproject"
link_module "./vendor/mycompany/somelibrary"

target "main":
  requires "mycompany/somelibrary"
  # ...